Historic Farbenkueche (Paintkitchen)

Since the 499th anniversary of Lucas Cranach the Younger's birth, the historic Farbenkueche has been located next to the Stadtkirche in the old workshop of the Kulturbotschaft. Colours are mixed here on your own. It is then possible to copy a Cranach portrait with these colours. Cranach painted mainly on wood. First a primer was applied, then the drawing before the it was painted and finally varnish was applied. The materials used in the Cranach workshop are shown. Most of them can still be used today. The ingredients are presented step by step in the Farbenkueche. Some of them are surrounded by enthralling stories. In between, the painting is created layer by layer.

Archeological monument Röhrwasser (Medieval Water Piping System)

Innovative development and providing access to the “Röhrwasser”. Competition of ideas –for example as a Kneipp pool, spa and fountain of youth. Networking with owners and appreciation of the "Röhrwasserportionen" in collaboration with the association "Union of old and new Jungfernröhrwasser e.V." as well as the Wittenberg city works, providing water as an infrastructural resource.

Portal into the past / Tracing the paths for mystic clues

Creating the KulturBotschaft’s infrastructure (on site). The real location of the KulturBotschaft and its localization in the surface topography of the monument "Historic Wittenberg" works as an interface to the past, a few meters from the Town Church.

Pilot project Artist in Residence

For the initial implementation of this program an author is invited to spend a week in the KulturBotschaft. The stay in the town will be the source for a short story that will be presented in a public lecture.

Max Senf platform

Building a library in the former bookstore in Jüdenstrasse 5; collection of media on the topics of History, Art, Cultural Theory, Philosophy, Religion, the Reformation and international networking. Recourse to the importance of the bookstore Max Senf as a catalyst for cultural and historical significance of the book store in the city center.

Publishing project: Max Senf manuscripts

Preparation and publication of the Max Senf’s town chronicle manuscripts since the Middle Ages.

“Lutherstadt Wittenberg”: where Reformation begins

Interview and portrait photography project by a German-Jewish artistic duo: Does Wittenberg provide a venue for special skills in dealing with changes and renewal processes?

Future from Wittenberg

The open theatre project, created by the townspeople, asks what the city’s future will be like, several performances will be based on expert’s visions and prognoses.

Small Town Carousel

An interdisciplinary series of lectures, discussions, concerts and readings on the topics of region, home, and growing up in a small town in Germany.

Board of trustees "50 People of Eminence for Wittenberg"

Collecting of theses and creating an (international /global) infrastructure for the KulturBotschaft. Formation of a representing 50-member Board of Trustees with personalities from the arts, religion, culture and economy of every shade, who create an ethical forum, a "dialogue of worldviews", allowing a mutual gain of image and providing spiritual expertise and leadership.

Series "Province & Precariat"

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